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Cobra Labs


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  • Cobra Labs The Curse - 250g

    Extremely strong pre-workout formula for the discerning! Strong stimulation and a huge dose of energy will help you perform your workout life! Supports achieved gains in muscle and physical strength!

    Flavor: apple, blueberry, lemon, orange & mango, tropical fruits Flavor: apple, blueberry, lemon, orange & mango, tropical fruits ...
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Cobra Labs

Cobra Labs was founded in 2010 with the inception of our original, and still biggest selling pre-workout, The Curse. Since then we've added a huge range of new flavors, our fat burner thermogenic supplement, The Ripper and our latest addition, Shadow-X. A pre-workout designed for the hardcore.

Our giant skull throne booth has been a fixture at some of the biggest supplement expos in the world over the last few years, including the Mr Olympia exhibition, Body Power UK and FIBO in Cologne Germany.

Right from the very beginning we have remained focused on working with the best manufacturers and highest quality ingredients to produce world class supplements.

This commitment to excellence will remain as we continue to expand into new markets and territories around the globe. Cobra labs products are now available in over 100 countries worldwide.

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