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Berserk Labs

Berserk Labs


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  • Berserk Labs BCAA 4400 - 200 kaps.

    The preparation of amino acids, so that you secure your muscles from breakdown (catabolism). It does not contain unnecessary additives and fillers. Convenient form of supplements - capsules.

  • Berserk Labs Crea Combo - 180 kaps.

    Simple but extremely effective creatine stack-based hydrochloride and creatine malate! Convenient form of capsules allows free choice of dose. It speeds up the growth of lean muscle mass.

  • Berserk Labs Crea X3 - 400g

    The unique combination of up to 3 highly effective and safe forms of creatine (monohydrate, creatine malate and hydrochloride), through which you gain in muscle mass will be fast and durable! The powder form makes it easy to supplements and ensures good digestibility!

    Flavor: lemon, orange Flavor: lemon, orange ...
  • Berserk Labs Shout Powder - 330g

    The modern blend of multiplying the effect of the pump training, training will never be the same! High-quality active ingredients make it the best choice! Powder form helps to determine the dose!

    Flavor: pineapple, tropical fruits Flavor: pineapple, tropical fruits ...
  • Berserk Labs Whey Isolate - 1800g

    High-quality whey protein isolate with a great taste and exemplary solubility! The ideal source of full-value proteins with a very good aminogram. It helps to build the coveted muscle mass and provides excellent building blocks for your body!

    Flavor: chocolate, cookie & cream, truskawka, vanilla Flavor: chocolate, cookie & cream, truskawka, vanilla ...
  • Berserk Labs Whey Protein - 1800g

    3 advanced blend of protein sources, high performance and high biological value. If you are looking for a universal conditioner that will work during the day and immediately after exercise - just might be interested in this product! Interesting taste and good solubility!

    Flavor: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla Flavor: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla ...
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