PERFORMANCE Sports Nutrition

PERFORMANCE Sports Nutrition


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  • Performance Fast Reco Bar - 50g

    Very good sports bar, which in its composition also has a complete protein derived from whey and milk. Sensational flavor and structure - will surely appeal to you. The ideal variety to your diet!

    Flavor: stracciatella, vanilla Flavor: stracciatella, vanilla ...
  • Performance Oat Bar - 70g

    Baton energy based on high-quality carbohydrates and protein additive. Great taste and calorific facilitate appropriate balance your daily diet! Bet on QUALITY!

    Flavor: banana, cherry, chocolate, latte machiato, white chocolate Flavor: banana, cherry, chocolate, latte machiato, white chocolate ...
  • Performance ProSnax - 40g

    The ideal snack and variety monotonous diet! Small size and weight of the candy bar provide comfortable transport. Great taste will make you feel "like in heaven"!

    Flavor: banana, chocolate, coconut Flavor: banana, chocolate, coconut ...
  • Performance Protein Crunch Bar - 65g

    Very tasty way to supplement protein in the diet! By the way you satisfy your need to reach for something sweet - without negative consequences in relation to conducted diet! Excellent appetizer, which easily wliczysz balance in your diet.

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PERFORMANCE Sports Nutrition
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