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Care Free

  • Care Free Sauce - 320g

    Care Free Sauce - 320g

    NOVELTY! If you love sauces (eg. Tomato), but you have to reduce them because of the caloric content - this preparation was made specially for you! Low calorific value while maintaining excellent taste in each serving. Bet on the quality!

    Flavor: barbecue, bolognese, ceasar, ketchup, mayo honey mustard Flavor: barbecue, bolognese, ceasar, ketchup, mayo honey mustard ...
  • Care Free Syrup - 320g

    Care Free Syrup - 320g

    Sometimes you use a classic dessert sauces, but then you have a guilty conscience because of their calorific value and run by your diet? The solution will be the sauce that despite the sensational taste and consistency of a classic is characterized by an almost imperceptible calorie! Bet on the proven and reliable solutions and enjoy the taste - even...

    Flavor: caramel, chocolate, truskawka Flavor: caramel, chocolate, truskawka ...
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Care Free
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