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  • 6PAK Nutrition Anticatabolic PAK - 500g
    69,00 PLN

    The advanced formulation based on high quality BCAA, vitamins, taurine and L-glutamine! Interesting flavor compositions and seamless solubility of each portion is a huge advantage of this preparation. Reduces catabolism, while accelerating regenerative processes and anabolic! It strengthens the immune system. W fali zalewu badań na temat NIE działania tego typu suplementów nie zgadzam się z tym zupełnie. Stosuje potreningowo łącząc z kretyną i moim zdaniem regeneracja jest znacznie lepsza. Wysypiam się, mimo naprawdę solidnego treningu na dzień trzeci po już nie odczuwam aż tak mocnych DOMsów! Regeneracja zdecydowanie na plus! Przeczytaj inne opinie

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    Flavor: mojito, lemon, orange Flavor: mojito, lemon, orange ...
  • Amix Recovery Max - 575g
    119,01 PLN

    Amix Recovery Max is a supplement through which will provide the essential amino acids the body at the time of their greatest need - immediately after your workout.

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    Flavor: fruit, orange Flavor: fruit, orange ...
  • BioTech After - 420 g
    74,00 PLN

    Superb formula after training based on proven and safe materials to guarantee a real impact in the performance of your results! The high content of BCAAs, creatine, vitamins and minerals. Bet on the quality!

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    Flavor: apple, wiśnia Flavor: apple, wiśnia ...
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    Flavor: lemon, orange, peach ice tea Flavor: lemon, orange, peach ice tea ...
  • FA Nutrition Xtreme Anticatabolix - 250 tabl.
    59,00 PLN

    Very strong blend of branched chain amino acids and glutamine. Do not kid yourself, if you do not lock their muscles against catabolism Your results will be drastically reduced.

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  • MuscleTech Cell Tech Hyper-Build - 485g

    Professional mix after training, so that not only you speed up recovery, secured the muscles against catabolism, but also be supporting achieved their gains in lean muscle mass. The highest quality active ingredients in suitable proportions!

    Flavor: fruit, blue raspberry, ice fresh Flavor: fruit, blue raspberry, ice fresh ...
  • Olimp Reanimator PRO - 1425g
    119,97 PLN

    NEW version sensational mix after training. Composition contains only effective active ingredients in such proportions, in order to ensure their maximum effect. It supports rapid regeneration and development of muscle tissue. Well dissolves and tastes!

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    Flavor: apple, orange Flavor: apple, orange ...
  • USN Creatine Anabolic - 1,8kg
    134,90 PLN

    Professional preparation prepared for real professionals, who appreciate the comprehensive approach and the high quality of applied active substances. It helps to improve the performance gains in muscle mass and promotes rapid recovery post-workout.

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    Flavor: orange, tropicano Flavor: orange, tropicano ...
  • Vitargo Post - 2kg
    175,00 PLN

    High-quality conditioner based on sensational carbohydrates (Vitargo), and 24% full-value proteins from whey proteins. You can enjoy it during the day and after exercise. It affects acceleration of regeneration and reduces catabolic processes!

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    Flavor: chocolate, truskawka Flavor: chocolate, truskawka ...
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