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  • USZKODZONE - Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass - 2730g
    89,99 PLN 118,99 PLN

    Formula that increases muscle mass and strength. It provides 1,250 calories and 50g nutritious protein in every serving! Additionally, conditioner has been enriched with minerals and vitamins! Reach for the mass!

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    Flavor: cookie, truskawka Flavor: cookie, truskawka ...
  • USZKODZONE - QNT Vegan Protein - 500 g
    49,99 PLN 69,99 PLN

    A super-high protein nutrient targeted at vegans and vegetarians who suffer from insufficient protein in their daily diet. The formula was based on the highest quality pea and rice isolate. Each serving is a wealth of valuable amino acids, a negligible amount of sugar and fat! Does not contain lactose!

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    Flavor: fruit Flavor: fruit ...
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Uszkodzone opakowanie
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