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Olimp Gold-Vit D Forte 1000 IU - 30 kaps.

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Olimp Gold-Vit D Forte 1000 IU - 30 kaps. View larger

Olimp Gold-Vit D Forte 1000 IU - 30 kaps.

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Olimp Gold Vit-D Forte is a rich source of vitamin D, which is formed in the skin by conversion of cholesterol derivatives by the sun's rays with a wavelength of ultraviolet light. This compound of a hormone shows a multidirectional impact on our body. Of all the forms of vitamin D a form that causes the activation of a specific receptor for the vitamin - VDR (Vitamin D Receptor) is calcitriol. VDR is found in many organs and cells of various tissues, including

1) The skeletal system: wit. D induces the growth and development of bone remodeling their structure and controls to maintain them at the proper level of calcium,
2) the immune system: the maturation of white blood cells and the synthesis of pro-inflammatory cytokines.
3) the pancreas (beta cells): improving the efficiency of synthesis and secretion of insulin,
4) Kidney: maintaining the resorption of calcium physiological level,
5) skin: synthesis wit. D
6) The parathyroid glands: decrease the secretion of parathyroid hormone (excess body catabolic may act in relation to the type II fast-twitch fibers).

For physically active people and athletes both amateur and professionally adequate supply of vitamin D is of particular importance.

Muscle tissue.

Olympia Gold-Vit D Forte stimulates protein synthesis in muscle cells (Birge, 1975). Under its influence is stimulated production of proteins contractile fibrils - myosin and actin, but also troponin. Vitamin D deficiency in the body leads to a softening of bones, disorders of the nervous system and muscles, and consequently a reduction in muscle mass and strength (Visser, 2003). Research shows (Pfeifer 2000, and 2011) for additional vitamin D supplementation increases muscle strength in test subjects.

Steroid structure of vitamin D shows a similar mechanism of action as in the case of steroid hormones. Vitamin D is combined with stimulation of the synthesis of more than 200 proteins including growth factors (including IGF-2) regulating division of satellite cells in muscle and maturation. At the same time, vitamin D stimulates the proliferation of muscle cells androgen receptors, responsible for providing anabolic activity of testosterone and its derivatives (including anabolic steroids -androgennych). It is also stimulated proliferation of insulin receptor and IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1).


In a study on men in 2009 (Wehr) and in 2012 (Nimptsch) observed a positive correlation between levels of vitamin D in the body, and the level of testosterone - the greater was its concentration in the body, the higher was observed in men testosterone levels. Research 2001 (Pilz) show the full-year supplementation of vitamin D increases the level of testosterone in healthy men by almost 30% for the placebo group.

The above-mentioned proliferation of androgen receptor following the application of vitamin D makes it will be an excellent product used during the so-called. "Post cycle therapy '(PCT), aiming to restore the hormonal balance in the body.


Vitamin D supplementation may increase the level of one of the most anabolic hormones in the body - IGF-1. At a dose of 7000 IU given weekly for 3 consecutive months (Ameri, 2013) the level of IGF-1 increased by approx. 33 ng / ml. At the same time it reduced the efficiency of protein synthesis, such as IGFBP (Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 3) and myostatin-inhibiting muscle growth and strength. Number of catabolic acting myostatin in the body is also reduced as a result of the severity of the preparation of the binder and the capping follistatin.

Moving in the effect on muscle mass anabolic hormones should undoubtedly mention the fact that vitamin D increases the synthesis of IGF-2 stimulates the maturation of satellite cells.


It not without significance is the effect of vitamin D in the direction of improving the sensitivity of cells to insulin - the most anabolic hormone in the body, allowing an efficient and efektwnie regenerate tissue after intense exercise. Insulin is involved in the transport of macro-cells, which, however, must have a sensitivity to the hormone, which is directly involved in has suffered vitamin D. Without the optimal concentration of all biochemical reactions can be significantly impaired.

PTH (parathyroid hormone)

If there is excessive activity of PTH to muscle weakness and, in extreme cases up to their disappearance, especially in the fast-twitch fibers of type II. Vitamin D by acting on the parathyroid glands may contribute to the reduced secretion of PTH and thereby improve the energy metabolism and enhance muscle protein anabolism.

The amount of scientific data collected in the course of almost 100 years of research conducted in the subject of the impact of vitamin D on the human body, give full grounds for this, to think of vitamin D, as a very effective relationship supporting the development of muscle mass and strength, especially in those amateurs or professionals athletes.

Gold-Vit D Forte ™ (1000 IU) is a food supplement in the form of capsules, liquid FlowCaps high in vitamin D; an essential component of all organisms. Vitamin D helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth, and also contributes to the proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and thus to maintain an adequate level of calcium in the blood. Participates in the process of cell division. Vitamin D is essential for normal bone growth and development in children. It helps in the proper functioning of the immune system.

The product is produced in an innovative technology Flow Caps Liquid Technology, which guarantees rapid absorption in the body and maintain the high quality of the ingredients used. This technology provides the best possible bioavailability Vitamin D, far higher than the vitamin D pills or other preparations without a base oil.

OLIMP GOLD VIT-D FORTE - rich source of vitamin C FOR EVERYONE!

Recommended use:

1 capsule after a meal, or otherwise after consultation with your doctor.


Suplement diety / Środek spożywczy zastępujący całodzienną dietę, do kontroli masy ciała.
Nie może być stosowany jako zamiennik bądź substytut zróżnicowanej diety.
Nie należy przekraczać zalecanego dziennego spożycia.
Produktu nie należy podawać matkom karmiącym oraz kobietom w ciąży.
Przechowywać w miejscu niedostępnym dla małych dzieci.
Przechowywać w suchym miejscu, w temperaturze pokojowej do 25°C. Chronić przed światłem.

UWAGA - kopiowanie oraz rozpowszechnianie opisów produktów zamieszczonych w sklepie BODYPAK.PL jest zabronione!
Zgodnie z Ustawą z dnia 4 lutego 1994 r. o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych (Dz. U. z 2006 r. Nr 90, poz. 631 z późn. zm.)



Serving Size: 1 caps.
Servings Per Container:30
Packing: 30 caps.
Contents: Per Serving: incl:% RWS *
Vitamin D 25μg 500%
Ingredients: triglycerides of medium chain length (MCT), a mixture of tocopherols - antioxidant, cholecalciferol - vit. D - gelatine shell component.
* % Referencyjna wartość spożycia
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