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We are the company which has been working since 2005. Our main task is to encourage and help people to live a healthy lifestyle, doing sport in which strength and motivation are crucial things.

The motto: "Kalos Kagathos" - the beauty of body and mind is the determinant of our company and at the same time, this is the basic principle of present-day sportsman.

The results which you achieve with the help of nutrients and supplements bought on www.bodypak.pl are the most important things for us!

Our Story

The idea of establishing this company surprisingly did not start from the internet shop www.bodypak.pl. In 2005, the owner of this company Tomasz Kopeć started to cooperate with the Fitness Authority Company. Thanks to carrying discussion board animalpak.pl with the nick Animal-Med, working on catalogues, describing products and finally writing articles to the first sixth magazines “Fitness Authority”, in 2006 it was possible to create professional internet service dealing with the sale of supplements and nutrients.

Our main aim is the client’s result. The result which can be so impressive owing to Tomek’s professional experience – being a fitness and bodybuilding instructor as well as finishing studies on University School Of Physical Education in Cracow here his main subject was medical rehabilitation. The knowledge makes our boss a real expert in bodybuilding and healthy lifestyle. Since the beginning of the studies, Tomek was interested in anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. Combining his studies with hobbies prompted him to create his own brand BODYPAK.

The result of his idea was one of the most professional internet shops since 2006. At the beginning, our company was not so big but every year we observed the growing interest in our service and that is why we can offer you up to seventy different brands now. We are sure that each of you will find the product he is interested in. BODYPAK.PL started to develop and then we needed a professional staff to work. Kamil, Polish champion in arm wrestling, was our first worker. The next person was Karolina, a nutrition student. Her main task is to help women to choose the best supplements as well as to organize the orders. What is more, we have got also a lot of people who are fulfilling your orders in stock. Each company need a professional IT expert. Radek ensures the proper functioning of each of our services: e-store, discussion board and fanpages.

Generally speaking, now we have eight-people team who are doing their best to help you to achieve your goal. Since 2006 our internet service has been modified three times. We are evaluating constantly and we are sure that this is not the end of our development. The current version of our shop is not just upgrade. It is totally new, professional website which sets standards among the industry.

We believe that we are able to meet your expectations in 100%!

Certificates and authorizations

We are authorized distributors of:
Olimp Labs, Trec Nutrition, FitMax, importera Fitness Authority, Multipower, Swanson products.