Delivery methods

Within territory of Poland Orders are sent by GLS Parcel Services or by Paczkomaty InPost.

GLS          Paczkomaty

International shipping is realized by GLS Parcel Services or DPD Parcel Services.

Delivery costs

Following costs refer to delivery within territory of Poland. For International Shipping costs click here.

GLS Parcel Services

Order Total Prepaid COD
under 299 PLN 9,99 PLN 16,99 PLN
from 299 PLN 0 PLN 0 PLN

Paczkomaty InPost
Paczkomaty InPost Services

Order Total Prepaid COD
under 299 PLN 9,99 PLN 16,99 PLN
from 299 PLN 0 PLN 0 PLN

Shipment rules

You can see stock status (In stock, Available, Out of stock) and the day of approximate shipping time. If you order more than one product, you have to be prepared to wait the time of the longest of the visible deadlines. What is more, the shipping time is served only in working days.

For example, if we get your order on Monday having three day for shipment, we will send it to you no later than on Thursday. However if we get a similar order on Wednesday, we will be able to send it next Monday. Here we assumed that there were not any days off work. Holidays which appear in a week of work are not included in terms of shipment.

Products on request

There are some products signed with an orange light "on request, delivery 2-5 days" where the delivery time is only an expected one. When we receive you order, we confirm the availability of given product in our suppliers and then we correct the actual date of the shipment. You can check the order status on My Account page.

Posting payments

In case of a bank transfer, the time of receiving the product increases by the time of the transfer (posting the money on our account).

When you pay through Online Payment or PayPal, we send you the package when the transaction is completed, which usually lasts about 15 minutes. This time is fully automatic and we have no influence on its duration.

In case of payment on delivery, the realization of the shipment begins after order confirmation.

Delivery time

Following times refer to delivery within territory of Poland. For International delivery times click here.

Delivery time depends on the carrier, the type of the package and the delivery address.

For DPD Carrier it is usually: 1-2 working days
For Paczkomaty InPost it is usually: 1-2 working days

The date of receiving the parcel = time of posting the payment + the shipment time + delivery time


Charges for packaging are included in the shipment costs. As far as the transport costs, they may change according to the weight of the shipment or the amount of goods ordered. It is advised to order more goods at the same time in order to avoid duplication of transport costs. We cannot group two separate orders and that is why the delivery charges are added to each order separately.

The packages are always properly packed and secured. The standard package is sealed with a logo of our company. It is important to check the quality of the package while receiving it, check whether was it damaged during the transport or not (more information in the Security tab).

Order status and package tracking

It is possible to check the status of your order:
- If you created a registered account - you can check the status after logging in.
- If you have not got a registered account - you can check the status without logging.
- (just giving the order number and your e-mail address).